Bethel Park Toddler Child Care

Welcome and Thank you for your interest in Brass Ring Learning Centers, Bethel Park Toddler childcare program.

Since 1994 Brass Ring Learning Centers, Bethel Park  Toddler Childcare program has been providing care and early education to toddlers ages 19 months to 36 months, in a quality, secure, loving early learning environment.

Toddlers are very curious and active learners.  They are ready to take on and conquer new challenges.  We have designed our learning program to take advantage of their natural curiosity to teach concepts that seem more like play than learning. We provide toddlers with the independence they desire in a structured, supervised environment.  The Toddler Group staff members plan lessons that are fun and games for the toddlers but are actually teaching skills.

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We encourage toddler to express their personalities. You can be assured that we will never try to make a cookie cutter child out of them. We hire staff members that are trained to recognize the methods of learning that each child will respond to best. We want to teach the children to be part of a group, but we never want to stifle their individuality, or suppress their creative sides.

Our early learning program for our toddler incorporates, a semi structured circle time where we introduce the toddlers to colors, shapes, numbers, their names days of the week, months and years as well as fun.