Brass Ring Learning Center

Brass Ring Learning Center

Child Care and Early Learning Center

At Brass Ring Learning Centers child care and early learning centers, we provide a loving, creative environment in which children can learn and grow from infancy through preschool.

Founded in 1991, Brass Ring Learning Centers has grown to one of Pittsburgh’s leading child-care and early learning education centers.  We have expanded  our Bethel Park Child Care and Early Learning Center.  So that we may accommodate more families in the Bethel Park and surrounding areas with the quality early learning and child care they have been seeking.

Our exceptional quality of child care and early learning education has allowed many of our students the opportunity to skip a grade when they graduate from our program and enroll in school.

We received a letter recently from a family of a former student, who said that the child’s new kindergarten teacher is able to tell which new of her kindergartners have gone through our program based on the how well they were prepared. Because of success stories like this one, we are currently exploring our options regarding opening an additional center.

Doesn’t your child deserve a child care and early learning experience that is unmatched?

Learning is our Middle Name

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In addition to providing exceptional care and education for our students, Brass Ring Learning Centers aims to educate our employees. Through partnering with Keystone Stars, Early Learning Leaders, the Pennsylvania Association of Child Care Agencies and the National Association of Child Care Agencies, we have been able to provide our staff with the opportunity to continue their education in addition to opportunities to advance in their career.

Brass Ring Learning Center Program Overview

From six weeks to seven years, we have a program for your child.

Our Infant Child Care and Early Learning Program provides a stimulating environment for your baby from six weeks to 12 months. We work with your baby to help adjust and explore his or her new world.

As your child learns to walk, he or she can enter our Tweener Child Care and Early Learning Program, 13 months to 2 years of age, where this new found mobility and independence allows your child to learn through exploring toys and many of our learning tools.

From 24 months to 3 years, the Toddler Child Care and Early Learning Program introduces your child to his or her earliest structured learning, while incorporating outdoor play and creative outlets, including music and art.

For 3 years of age until entry of Kindergarten your child will be attending our Preschool Child Care and Early Learning Program,  provides a more structured, but, flexible learning experience that prepares your child for success in kindergarten.

If you have Questions about our programs, or if you’re ready to enroll your child, please contact us through our email form or give us a call.