Infant Child Care Program Overview

Infant Child Care

6 week to 12 months

infant childcare

Brass Ring Learning Centers, designed our infant child care program to provide infants with not only a loving, caring and stimulating child care experience. But, also with an experience that is individualized. No two infants are the same and we understand that.

Our infant child care staff members are dedicated to ensuring your baby is happy, well cared for and given the opportunity to explore their environment safely.

We believe communication between parents and our staff is very important. Our parents are welcome to ask questions of our infant child care staff or leave written communications.

Childcare Programs

One vital communication tool we use is our Infant Daily Report. On this daily report you will find diaper changes, naps, feedings and any important happenings. The Infant Daily report is sent home with you every evening.  It provides you, the parents, with the information you need so that you can see what your baby did during their busy day at Brass Ring Learning Center’s Infant child care program.

The first year in your baby’s life is filled with excitement and discovery. They begin to explore and learn about the world around them, every interaction is a learning experience for the young infant. Each infant in our infant child care program is given individualized attention, ample love and the opportunity to blossom.

 To make sure your baby is on track developmentally we use the Denver Developmental testing method. You will receive a report outlining your infant’s developmental milestones monthly. Parents of infants in our infant childcare program are encouraged to schedule a conference with the center Director to discuss the milestones your infant has reached and the milestones they are working on.

As your infant grows into a young toddler we prepare them for the transition to our Young Toddler / Tweener group. They are given the opportunity to feed themselves finger foods, drink from sippy cups, and participate in an abbreviated circle time as well as create their own art work.