Tips for Parents of Infants

Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy! Your life has changed for the best! We have compiled a list of helpful tips for parents of infants.

Infants should always be placed in a rear facing, age and weight appropriate car seat. The straps should be tight enough to hold your baby in position in case of sudden stops or an accident.

Never leave your baby unattended in a vehicle. Not even for a minute.

To minimize the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death) always place your infant on their back to sleep.

To help control gas, burp your infant every 2 ounces. This sounds excessive but it does help relieve built up air in the stomach and helps control belly aches. As your infant grows you can wait to burp until after they have finished their bottle.

If you intend on having your infant attend childcare, we suggest that you not turn your home into a mausoleum at naptime. Play a radio and go about your normal activities. By having noise you will help your infant adjust to normal life.

Never feed baby food out of a jar, unless your infant is able to consume an entire jar of baby food at one feeding. Take only the amount you need out of the jar and put it in another bowl. The saliva from your infant’s mouth will begin to break down the pureed food quickly and you will be left with a watery mess.

As your baby begins to feed themselves regular table food be sure to cut the foods up into small pieces to help prevent choking. Hot dogs, the number one cause of choking in children, should be cut into rings then the rings are cut into 4 pieces. Grapes should also be cut into four pieces.

Never heat a baby bottle in a microwave! The formula or breast milk can go from cold to scalding very quickly.

Never allow smoking in your home. Second hand smoke can cause respiratory problem for your child such as asthma or bronchitis.

Never allow your child to play with anything that is smaller than an orange or that can cover their face.