Preschool Child Care Program

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Brass Ring Learning Center’s Preschool Daycare program is designed to prepare  3  to 5 year olds for entry into Kindergarten. Our preschool program is designed to help children master all of the skills they need to enter kindergarten.

We have staffed our early learning center with highly trained instructors so they can help the children learn all of the basics of what they have to know before they are ready for kindergarten. Our staff is ready to take each child and make a plan of action that is uniquely designed to help that child build on the skills they have already learned, and learn new skills as well.

No two children are the same, and the teachers of our Preschool  know that they have to adjust their methods of teaching so that no child falls behind.

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Some of the skills, and subjects that the preschool daycare program will touch on include:

Phonics  are taught so that each preschool child will be able to properly say the name as well as the sound of each vowel, and consonant. By learning the correct sounds and names of the letter we have found that this gives the children an early boost too reading.

Science is a subject that naturally appeals to preschool children in our preschool program. Science is all about exploration, discovery, and the things that make up their environment. Our Preschool teachers use the natural curiosities the children have to get assist them in learning about science.

Math is a subject that every individual needs to excel at. We feel that you can never start educating a child too early in math concepts, and math skills. The staff of our Preschool program assists the children in recognizing their numbers 1 to 50, present simple addition, and simple subtraction. The best part of the math program is that our skilled teachers utilize varied materials to teach the preschool children math in a way that makes it seem as though they are just playing. You might even find that when your child comes home they want to teach you to play one of their math games so you can play together. We strive to excite our students so that they will want to go home and share all of their knowledge with their parents, and want to practice their newly developed skills even outside of our classrooms.

Reading is the cornerstone that all other subjects use to instruct, educate, and inform students. At our Preschool daycare program we recognize that reading is a fundamental skill for any child. We have many books available for the children to look through and explore. We have time in our day that we spend reading to the children and with the children. We always tell the children that “Books are our friends and our friends can take us on wondrous adventures.”