Toddler Child Care Program

Our toddler child care and early learning program is designed with the active child in mind. 

Ages 24 months to 3 years.

One thing that is true about toddlers is that they are ready to learn about and explore everything.  Toddlerhood is the age of discovery and wonder.

Our toddler child care staff know that the toddlers will try to touch everything, climb on anything they see, and they put most things in their mouths. These actions are not the actions of a child trying to get into trouble, they are the actions of a toddler exploring their world.

In our toddler child care program the children are given the opportunity to  explore and discover the world around them.   The staff of our toddler  program not only assist the toddlers learn and explore the world around them they also play interactively with the toddlers and teach cooperation and sharing. The teacher of the toddler child care group introduces the children to new toys and games as well as songs and circle time.

The staff of our Toddler child care program will not discourage the toddlers from trying different ways of using toys or learning materials they have before them. This is a prime opportunity for them to learn why something has to be done a certain way.

Our Toddler group staff will even join the toddlers and try to stack  blocks as high as they can, or try to put the square peg in the round hole. Interacting with the toddlers while they are using their own imaginations, and exploring other avenues gives the staff members the opportunity to instruct, and explain why something did not work.

Toddlers naturally want to interact with other children, and by placing them in groups, doing group activities, the staff of our toddler child care and early learning program can start to help them build social skills as well as verbal skills. We all know that all of the toddlers will not always get along. There will be times when one child does not get their way, or when one child does not want to share their toys. These moments give the staff the opportunity to gently instruct the toddlers how to handle such situations. The children learn what to do when they encounter a situation where another child is not wanting to share, or when they do not get to do what they want. They learn the socialization skills of compromise, and patience while they are playing with toys, and having fun.

Our toddler child care staff knows that tantrums are just the toddler’s way of expressing their emotions. Each tantrum provides a staff member the opportunity to help that child to learn to express the emotion they are feeling in another way, such as verbally. The staff can help the child learn to make their feelings known, and understood.