Toddler Child Care Program

Toddler Child Care Program

Ages 18 months to 36 months1

The transition from infancy to toddlerhood comes with it’s own set of rules. Toddlers are independent and curious about the world around them. At Brass Ring Learning Center our toddler childcare program has been designed to allow toddlers the ability to explore their surroundings and make independent choices.

This is also the time when children begin to build friendships.  The staff of our Toddler Child Care program encourage the children to make friends, learn cooperation as well as begin to learn to share.

Our experienced toddler childcare staff members guide the toddlers through out their day with stimulating and fun activities. We have developed a Toddler Child Care Daily Activities Schedule that provides your toddler ample learning time as well as play time.

3 Toddlers are very active learners and our staff maintains the level and complexity of activity best suited for each toddler. We have traditional learning time as well as plenty of play, art, reading and exploration. The toddler childcare staff plans daily lessons and activities that allow the toddlers to express who they are.

To ensure your toddler will be ready when  the time comes to successfully move up to our preschool program, all toddlers in our Toddler Child Care program are evaluated. The toddler childcare staff and the Director utilize the Toddler Developmental Checklist. We use this to help us better see what areas the toddler needs more practice with.