Young Toddler Child Care Program

Our young toddler child care staff understand that by the time your baby reaches 13 months old they are much more mobile, active and inquisitive. They are beginning to walk and are ready to take on the next adventure in their lives. They are becoming independent and want to see, feel, touch and even taste everything within their grasp.

We have found that by 13 months young toddlers are not quite ready to be a toddler. They still need help, individual attention and reassurance in their new found world.

Younger toddlers are ready to take on the world, but, at a much slower rate than an 18 month old toddler.

At Brass Ring Learning Center, we have created what we call the Tweener / Young Toddler child care and early learning program. Our Young Toddler child care program is designed with the young toddler in mind. We provide ample space for exploration of new toys and the ability for young toddlers to interact with their peers in a safe, young toddler friendly environment.  The staff of our young toddler child care group can be found participating as the young toddlers begin playing with other children in a meaningful way.

Our young toddler child care and early learning group provides the young toddler all the opportunities to explore and discover something new and make friends everyday at their own pace.