Tips for Parents of Young Toddlers

By the time your child reaches 13 months your baby is no longer an Infant. You now have a young toddler. You will find your young toddler is now beginning to walk and talk. You will also find that your young toddler in much now more independent and very curious about everything around them. This is the time parents need to be 2 steps ahead of the young toddler.

 Keeping your young toddler safe.

We suggest you get on the floor at approximately the same eye level as your child. Take a look around and see all the amazing and wonderful things they are able to see. That really nice picture of grandma on the table, those amazing and wondrous things coming out of the wall that go to the place that is so bright. If you think it is interesting, you can be assured that your young toddler will find it the best toy they have ever had.

Tuck away breakables out of their reach.

Electric cords should be made inaccessible to your young toddler. Not only for the electrocution hazard but also for the potential of what is attached to the end of the cord coming crashing down on top of them.

ALL cabinet doors should be made child safe with safety latches.

Drawers in tables should also be secured with child proof latches.

Plugs will have to be covered.

Your young toddler is able to feed themselves now, so be sure to provide foods that are soft and manageable for them.

Young toddlers are not proficient with utensils yet, so be sure foods are finger friendly.

Introduce your young toddler to a sippy cup. Pour about 2 ounces of fluid in the cup to start with and take that amount out of their bottle. This will help you to break that bottle habit.

Never lay your young toddler down with a bottle.

Young toddlers are not very proficient at walking or even running. Check to make sure all sharp edges on furniture is cushioned.

Doors should be kept closed. Especially, doors to basements and ones that lead to the outdoors. Screen doors should be kept locked.