Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions from parents enrolling in Brass Ring Learning Centers.

Do you have referrals available?

Yes. Brass Ring Learning Centers has cared for literally thousands of children for over 22 years and we are happy to share some of our families thoughts. You can also view our Testimonials Page.

Does Brass Ring Learning Center require me to enroll Full Time?

No.  We understand that not all families need daycare five days per week some only need 3 or 4 days.

Can just anybody pick my child up from care?

No. Parents are required to provide us with a list of people allowed to pick up in case parents cannot. We will not release any child to anyone with out parental consent. We will card the individual and check their PHOTO ID against our records. If there is any question we will call parents to verify they are to be picking up.

Do you charge by the hour or flat rate?

We charge a daily rate. This rate is dependent on your child’s age group.

Does it matter how many hours my child attends?

No . Our center is open from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm.

Am I restricted to only certain days each week?

No. You schedule the days you need by Wednesday the week before care. We schedule our staff a week in advance to assure proper coverage.

If we are registered for a less than 5 days can I add additional days if needed?

If you need to add days of attendance during the week, you must contact your center Director. We schedule our staff a week in advance and will try to make accommodations’ so you can add extra days.

If my child is off sick do I still have to pay for the day?

We give 1 week (equal to days your are registered) as sick / vacation days. You may use these days as either sick days or vacation days. Once you use all of your days you are required to pay regardless of your child’s attendance.

May I bring my child another day during the week to make up for missed day?

If you wish to make up a missed day due to illness, you must contact your center Director. We schedule our staff a week in advance and will try to make accommodations’ so you can make up the missed day.

Do you work on potty training?

Yes. We do assist in potty training. Our only criterion is that parents must start the process at home.

What type of discipline do you use?

We use Time Out for discipline. The child will be removed from the group and have a seat for a short period of time. The guideline for time out time is 1 minute for every year of age. We will discuss with the child what they have done and help them make better choices.

Is there a late charge if I pick my child up after closing time?

Yes. We do charge a late fee if you arrive after 6:00 pm. The fee varies on the amount of time you are late. The only exception is for severe weather that has come up in the afternoon and has cause traffic difficulties.

Will you inform parents if there are any illnesses going around chick pox, pink eye etc?

Yes. The Director will notify all families. For more Information visit our Health and Safety Page.

Can I switch my child’s days of attendance during the week ?

If you need to change your days of attendance during the week, you must contact your center Director. We schedule our staff a week in advance and will try to make accommodations’ so you can change your day.

If I need to pull out for any reason but will be returning is there a retainer?

Yes. We do have a retainer fee. The fee is $100.00 per month to guarantee your spot upon return.

Is your staff CPR and First Aid trained?

Yes. Not only is our staff trained in CPR and First Aid, but, they also trained yearly in Fire Safety and Emergency Procedures. For more info check out our Health and Safety page.

What is a typical day like for my child?

An overview of a typical day for a Toddler or Pre K child can be found by clicking on this Daily Schedule Overview link.

How do I know my child will be ready to enter Kindergarten?

For more information on our Kindergarten Readiness Program click this link.

What holidays and days are you closed?

The Holidays and days we are closed can be found here.

Is an In Home Daycare the same as a center based childcare facility?

The answer is no. In Pennsylvania In Home daycares are licensed and inspected under a totally different set of requirements. To see what the differences are, Read my Blog Post on Center based vs Home based daycare.

My child has food allergies. How do you handle this?

  Brass Ring Learning Centers has cared for many children over the years with food allergies. Parents provide us with the list of allergies. The childs name and specific allergies are posted on our Allergy Alert page. These pages are posted in every room. Before any foods are served labels are checked. If a child has a severe allergy we provide and allergy free table for the children for meals and snacks.