West Mifflin Toddler Child Care Program

Welcome and Thank you for your interest in Brass Ring Learning Centers West Mifflin Toddler childcare program.

Our West Mifflin Toddler childcare and early learning program is for children ages 18 months to 3 years of age. We place a lot of emphasis on physical development, as well as school preparedness, and emotional well being. A toddler is a ball of energy that is ready to learn everything about their environment that they can. They are eager to learn about and explore everything around them.

School Preparedness

There are a lot of  toddler childcare programs that place children into learning situations according to their age, and mental development. The problem with those programs is that each toddler is an individual. They are ready to learn different skills at different times. This does not mean that one child is smarter than the other, or that one child is more advanced than the other. It means that the toddlers each learn differently.

We have learned over the past 22 years of operating an early learning center that the way to help each toddler succeed in learning the skills they need is to teach each using using a method that best suits their learning style. Some children are visual learners some are auditory learners some are tactile learners and many are a combination of all three.

Some children learn well in a group situation, where others do better with one on one instruction from a dedicated teacher. The staff members of the toddler childcare program adjust their curriculum so that each child receives the methods of instruction that they is best suited to the child.

Pre reading is taught through the use of picture books, flash cards, and circle time with a staff member. The children are read books, and they are allowed to participate in the story because the staff member shows them the pictures, and lets them follow the words as they read them aloud. Flash cards with the alphabet, and with some of the more frequently repeated words in the English language are used to create games so that the toddlers become familiar with the sight of these items. The staff also engages the children in writing exercises preparing them to write their names, and their alphabet on their drawings, and art creations. Each activity that the toddler participates in is carefully planned to provide the most benefits for that child.

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Physical Development

Muscles are developed through exercise. The highly trained staff of our toddler program know how important it is for each child to be physically fit. Physical well-being is an important part of mental preparedness. So each toddler will be allowed, actually encouraged, to run, jump, skip, and hop, so they strengthen their large muscles. These exercises will be done during outdoor time whenever the weather permits, and the staff will also use music time to encourage the toddlers to stretch, dance, and flex those muscles.

Social and Emotional Development

The staff of our toddler childcare is trained to work with this age group. At this age the emotions the child feels are sometimes confusing to them. Anger, happiness, sadness, and jealousy, are all emotions that each toddler will experience, and with the help of skilled staff members they will learn to identify the emotion, what caused the emotion, and how to best respond when they feel these emotions. Staff members freely offer hugs as they help the toddlers learn to deal with their emotions.

Social situations are not always easy for a toddler to handle. A large group may make them nervous, and they may be shy. The staff in the toddler childcare program is trained to deal with these issues, and to help the toddler learn ways to cope with these situations in the future.

The classrooms play areas, and activity centers in the toddler daycare program are uniquely designed to be toddler friendly, encouraging, stimulating, and comforting to all of the children in them.