West Mifflin Young Toddler Child Care Program

Welcome and Thank you for your interest in Brass Ring Learning Centers West Mifflin Young Toddler childcare program.

The staff members of our West Mifflin Young Toddler/Tweener childcare group are ready to assist the young toddler becoming more independent in their activities.  We present the children with new activities and play items so they may explore their world.  Young Toddlers are very curious about everything around them. We encourage their explorations in a safe controlled environment. The staff of our West Mifflin Young Toddler childcare program located at 925 Irwin Run Road West Mifflin Pa, will encourage the young toddlers to explore their world.

Young toddlers explore by touching, tasting, smelling, climbing on in or thru  everything. They are not satisfied with just seeing an object. They want to reach out and feel of that object with their hands. They are learning about textures, and characteristics like hardness, softness, and rough, or smooth. The staff is prepared to allow the young toddlers to touch many different things, and to let them see the differences in things.

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The Young Toddler staff of out West Mifflin unit encourage the children in their care to practice self-feeding skills. We suggest parents pack foods that are easy for the young toddler to feed themselves, such as cut up lunchmeats, sandwiches, mac and cheese as well as pre-cook vegetables and fruits that have been diced. The food possibilities are only limited to a parents imagination. We suggest parents start to provide foods that have some texture during their meals. The exploration of tastes, textures, and flavors will help the young toddlers to be open minded about food items as they age. It also gives them ample opportunities to use their feeding skills. At this point they are still not very steady when they use the utensils to feed themselves, and the staff will take every opportunity to let them practice with age appropriate forks, spoons, and transition from the baby bottles to cups.

The young toddlers will be given simple puzzles to play with so they can learn to sort out problems. They will be given toys of different sizes, shapes and textures so they can stimulate their feelings of touch, and exploration. They will be given objects to sort into containers so they start to develop the fine motor skills they will need to have when they are ready to master writing, using a keyboard, and fastening buttons on clothing.

There is a low ratio of young toddlers to staff members so that the young toddlers are always adequately supervised. These little guys may be trying to become more independent, but they still need hugs, encouragement, cuddles, and plenty of supervision. Staff members are ready to sit with a young toddler when they need the one on one time with an adult, and they are ready to hold their hands as they navigate through a new experience.

Parents are encouraged to come visit the toddler daycare program located at 925 Irwin Run Road, West Mifflin, Pa, and see for themselves how the staff interacts with the children. It is great if the parent learns the names of the caregivers the young toddlers see each day so they can talk to their children about their day, and make them feel more secure about the toddler daycare program. Your young toddler tries to do things to please you, so when they feel that you are pleased about their time at toddler daycare, they are more confident about being there.

Naptime is a part of the Tweeners schedule at the Brass Ring Learning Centers young toddler daycare program. At this age the babies are using so much energy that they need a rest period. We encourage the parents to provide favorite napping toys, blankets, binkies, or whatever the young toddler uses at home to feel secure when they lie down to nap.