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Brass Ring Learning Center Introduction

Welcome and Thank You for your interest in Brass Ring Learning Centers child daycare and early learning centers.

Brass Ring Learning Centers Inc. founded in 1991, is a locally owned and operated Early Learning and Child Care Company . Brass Ring Learning Centers,Inc. was founded to fill a demand that parents were searching for in Child Care and Early Learning. Our mission was and will always be to provide families with a high quality child Care and Early Learning experience at an affordable price.  We are an educationally and developmentally based child care center. We believe that children deserve a child care center that will not only nurture  their growing social, emotional and physical growth, but will also provide challenges and educational experiences that will will nurture and expand upon their developing intelect.

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Brass Ring Learning Center, Bethel Park early learning and child care center is currently licensed for 85 children.

From the age of 6 weeks until the time that a child starts to go to school children have a lot of things to learn. They must develop fine motor skills that will help them to be able to master implements of writing. They have to learn to speak clearly so they can communicate easily with others, and they must learn the fundamentals of education.

The proper early learning preschool can see to it that your child is prepared to enter school and be able to socialize with others, communicate with teachers, and students, and fulfill their educational requirements. They will also have a caregiver to child ratio that is low enough to allow our Preschool Teachers to spend quality time with each child. A child needs  contact and encouragement of someone they trust, and the approval of the adults they are around in order to grow and develop into a confident young person.

To help us see to it that you children reach these goals Brass Ring Learning Center has partnered with several groups that have the same goals in mind. Some of these affiliations are with:


Early Learning Leaders

The educators at Brass Ring Learning Centers are highly qualified professionals that have established reputations of excellence. The educators are dedicated to helping each child reach their full potential. They have studied the methods that are currently being used to teach children, and they have also studied alternative methods, because we all know that each child is an individual and must be approached as such.

The staff at Brass Ring Early Learning Center are carefully chosen, and one of the qualifications they must demonstrate is a love for children. Children, even infants, know when someone is being honest and genuine with them. The smallest infant can sense when the person caring for them is detached, so we strive to find staff members who love children, love interacting with children, and are capable of bonding with the little people in their care.

Each staff member goes through rigorous background checks, and are instructed in every safety measure possible so that each parent can feel confident that they are leaving their children in the hands of professionals who can care for their childs needs. No-one is better at caring for your child than you are, but when you cannot be there you want your children to be under the supervision of people who are highly trained, dedicated, and experienced, and who will offer love, kindness, and patience to your child.

At Brass Ring Learning Center we know that the children are our future leaders, developers, and teachers. The way that children are taught today will make a huge impact on the adults they become later in life.