Bethel Park Infant Child Care

Welcome and Thank you for your interest in Brass Ring Learning Centers Bethel Park Infant program.

Our Infant childcare staff understands how important it is for babies to have predictable daily routines. This is precisely why we ask parents to provide a daily feeding and sleeping schedule as well as a general description of the infant’s daily routine.  By utilizing the same schedule as they have at home we can assist the infants in an easy transition from home to center based infant childcare.

As infants grow and develop their routines and schedules will change. Parents are encouraged to share with our Bethel Park Infant childcare staff members any and all changes in the baby’s sleeping, eating or daily routines so that we can make adjustments.

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Our Bethel Park Infant staff spends time engaging with the babies. They provide interesting and colorful items for the babies to reach for and play with.  We encourage our infants to move and verbalize as well as begin to socialize with other infants in our Infant daycare program.

We believe that education can and does start in infancy. Stories are read and songs are sung daily with the children. Everyday is a new experience, each interaction with parents, caregivers and other infants are all learning experiences.  Our staff recognizes the potential for the infant to learn and discover something everyday and will provide experiences that are new and interesting.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we are an educationally and developmentally based childcare center.  While your baby is in our care we complete bi-annual developmental assessments to track developmental growth. This helps us to provide individualized goals for each infant. The results of the assessments are shared and discussed at the request of the parent.