Bethel Park Toddler Child Care

 Bethel Park Toddler Child Care Program

 Bethel Park Toddler Child Care program providing care and early education to toddlers since 1994.

When children become toddlers (at 18 months and until 3 years old), they really start claiming their own identities. Toddlers want opportunities to make their own choices and explore new things. They also want to express themselves through newly developed motor abilities, language skills, and accomplishing tasks on their own. These are some of the true signs of toddlerhood, and the Bethel Park toddler child care program is here to help your toddler learn, develop, and grow in a safe and supportive environment. Parents of toddlers in the Bethel Park, South Park, Upper St. Clair, Castle Shannon, and Mt. Lebanon areas have trusted our toddler program for years because we celebrate this formative time in a child’s life. Our toddler teachers encourage students to express their individual personalities, and while we teach them to cooperate and become a part of the larger classroom group, we still support their distinct creativity and originality.

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Our Bethel Park Toddler Child Care Program allows toddlers to express their personalities. You can be assured we will never try to make a cookie cutter child out of them. We hire staff members that are trained to recognize the methods of learning that each child will respond to best. We want to teach the children to be part of a group, but we never want to stifle their individuality, or suppress their creative sides.

Our early learning program for our toddler program incorporates, a semi structured circle time where we introduce the toddlers to colors, shapes, numbers, their names, days of the week, months and year as well as fun.