Bethel Park Young Toddler Program

Welcome and Thank you for your interest in our Bethel Park Young Toddler childcare program.

At 13 months babies are generally ready to leave the infant daycare portion of the Brass Ring Learning Centers at 104 Wagner Drive, Bethel Park, Pa, and embrace the young toddler daycare program. At this stage the babies are not infants, and they really have not developed completely into toddlers. We call these little ones young toddlers or “Tweeners”, meaning they are not babies but are not ready to become toddlers.

Our Bethel Park young toddler childcare staff is prepared to help the young toddlers develop the skills they need to leave their infancy behind, and become curious adventurous toddlers. We know when our babies are ready to transition to the young toddler group when they are able to stand alone, walk, or in some cases are running.  The staff of our Bethel Park Tweener / Young Toddler program is prepared for the new walkers, and will give them  every opportunity to be mobile and practice their new found skill.

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Walking, and running, is like anything else that we learn to do. The more of it we do, the better we become at doing it. We encourage the new walkers to walk and play during their free playtime as well as during their outdoor time in our large fenced play yard with a separate area just for the young toddler. This helps the large muscles develop in their young legs, and it helps them to gain control, and balance. We carefully supervise our young toddlers, because when they are practicing walking and eventually running they will have falls. Our Bethel Park Tweener staff members are close at hand to monitor and to help the young toddlers up if they fall and encourage them to continue on their adventures.

As most parents know, young toddlers have not yet become masters of feeding themselves with a spoon and fork. During snacks and mealtimes our staff members will encourage and help each young toddler to practice their feeding skills. .

Staff members of our Bethel Park young toddler daycare program encourage the Tweeners to participate in organized group playtime as well as circle time.  This is the age when the children begin to develop social skills. Learning to play with others, attempting to share toys, and taking turns, is a big deal in the lives of these young toddlers. The staff provides them with the opportunity to play with each other, and helps them to learn how to play well with each other. These are skills that will be beneficial to the young toddlers for the rest of their lives.

At this stage in their lives the young toddlers have very short attention spans. We realize this, but we also realize that this is the time to start introducing them into group learning sessions. We expose them to pre-reading with picture books during circle time. The amount of time that is spent in circle time will vary greatly depending on the young toddler’s response each day. The staff plays this by ear, because after 24 years we have learned to go with the flow of the young toddlers.  We adjust and modify our daily lesson plans to accommodate the Tweeners attention spans and abilities.

During this stage the young toddlers are introduced to a lot of music. They love to dance, sing, and listen to music. This teaching tool will be used daily in the Tweener program of the toddler daycare center.

Our young toddler childcare center,  located at 104 Wagner Drive , Bethel Park, Pa, is ready to help nurture the skills these young toddlers need to develop so that they can master the skills they will need in the future.